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Opening the Black Box

Bocconi Professors Sandra Fortini and Sonia Petrone propose a new methodology to shed light on black box algorithms by using the predictive approach that is typical of Bayesian statistics 

Two Bocconi PhD Graduates in the Final Phase of the Savage Award

Marta Catalano and Augusto Fasano compete for the acknowledgement with their theses in Bayesian statistics

Understanding Uncertainty in Machine Learning Algorithms

Botond Szabo obtained an ERC starting grant to assess the fundamental properties of statistical and machine learning methods widely used when deadling with large quantities of complex data, as in medical imaging, autonomous cars, or in dating the Big Bang

Connected Risks in a Connected World

Bocconi Professor Simone Padoan develops novel tools in extreme value theory that allow, for exemple, to jointly study the shocks in the exchange rates of multiple currencies 

Botond Szabo on the Annals of Statistics Editorial Board

The Bocconi Associate Professor was named Associate Editor of the journal published by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

New ERC Projects in Statistics and Cryptography at BIDSA

Two new ERC projects awarded at BIDSA: Botond Szabo's Starting Grant "The missing mathematical story of Bayesian uncertainty quantification for big data" and Alon Rosen's Advanced Grant "Fine-Grained Cryptography"

BIDSA Hybrid Seminar: "Two applications of the variational form of Bayes theorem”

BIDSA Hybrid Seminar 2021: Haavard Rue, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Online seminar
Second Edition of Junior Bayes Beyond the Borders (JB^3)

The 2021 edition of Junior Bayes Beyond the Borders (JB^3) is an online seminar series jointly organized by the BayesLab at Bocconi University and j-ISBA, the junior section of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA). This year the series will feature talks by the winners of the Blackwell-Rosenbluth Award by j-ISBA.

Tommaso Rigon Awarded for His PhD Dissertation

Tommaso Rigon, Bocconi PhD in Statistics alumnus, received the Savage Award 2020 in Theory & Methods for his PhD dissertation, Finite-dimensional nonparametric priors: Theory and applications.

The Math of Stem Cells

Triggered by a challenging biological problem, Hugo Lavenant, Assistant Professor at Department of Decision Sciences and BIDSA Affiliate, has developed innovative mathematical models for stem cell differentiation.